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Friday, May 22, 2015

Best way to last longer in bed

Best Way To Last Longer

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First of all slow down. Stop masturbating, the more you do it the easier it is for your body to climax.
Second the key thing to remember is Heart Rate is the key. Control your heart rate and you will control your stamina.

Best way to last longer

There are two ways to do that.

1) Outer game - Controlling your heart rate from out side forces
a) Stop drinking caffeine
b) Try having a drink right before
c) Try having a smoke right before
d) Use condoms
e) Use plenty of KY
f) Decrease sensations where ever possible
g) Become better at sex so she will enjoy it more - Hint go buy a book

2) Inner game - Controlling your heart rate from inside its a mental thing
a) Be confident 
b) relax
c) breath in your mouth and out your nose
d) Moan
e) Talk to her during sex

Try combining all of these and you should well on your way back to longer lasting sex.

Best way to last longer